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Banner provides innovative & effective educational programs for at-risk students, as well as educational and administrative services to charter schools...
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Alternative Education

Banner’s Alternative Education Programs

programs_AltEdBanner educates students who require an alternative setting due to behavioral issues, truancy, prolonged absences from school, or other reasons. Banner’s behavior modification program is designed specifically for students who are generally considered difficult to educate, but who could benefit from Banner’s innovative educational methods. Banner welcomes these students and takes great pride in educating them.

Banner’s behavior modification program creates a truly alternative setting for its students. Banner utilizes a variety of educational methods to build the confidence and competence of each of its students. Banner’s students are placed on paths to reintegration to their home schools, graduation, post-secondary education, and/or employment.

Banner’s communication philosophy requires all stakeholders to participate in the educational processes of its students. Stakeholders include students, parents, Banner staff, school district personnel, vocational and post-secondary groups, social service agencies, and members of the juvenile justice community. Stakeholders participate in the intake process, development and monitoring of Individualized Graduation Plans (IGPs), and the implementation and assessment of academic, behavioral and vocational development. Each stakeholder is an integral member of Banner’s decision-making body.

Banner’s alternative education staff typically includes a principal, an assistant principal, teachers,assistant teachers, specialized teachers (e.g. computers, art, music), social workers, guidance counselors, a behavior specialist, and a reintegration coordinator. Banner’s staff is certified as required by school district and state regulations. Banner also contracts with therapists and other personnel to provide services necessary for its students. Banner’s typical staff to student ratio in these programs is less than 1 to 10.

Banner currently operates Banner Preparatory School of Milwaukee, a partnership school with Milwaukee Public Schools.  Banner Prep opened in 2007 and has helped numerous at-risk students find paths to academic success. At the same time, Banner Prep has provided a service to Milwaukee Public Schools and the entire community. Banner Prep is located in the Silver Spring Neighborhood Center on the northwest side of Milwaukee and has an enrollment of 110 students.