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Banner provides innovative & effective educational programs for at-risk students, as well as educational and administrative services to charter schools...
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Dropout Prevention & Recovery

Banner’s Dropout Prevention & Recovery Program

programs_AltEdBanner operates educational programs designed to prevent students from dropping out as well as recover students who have already dropped out. Banner’s dropout prevention program utilizes an innovative and effective blended learning model (BlendMyClass™) to teach core subjects, offers extensive credit recovery and vocational classes, and promotes and assists students with dual enrollment opportunities at local colleges.

Banner has operated dropout prevention and recovery programs since the fall of 2004 and has been instrumental in placing many students on paths to academic and post-secondary success. Banner students not only achieve academic and occupational success, they also often stay in their communities and make significant and positive contributions.

Banner currently operates Banner Academy, a dropout prevention and recovery program in the Austin neighborhood on the west side of Chicago. Banner Academy, which is under contract with Chicago Public Schools, has helped hundreds of students achieve their diplomas and usually has waiting lists for enrollment. Banner Academy moved to a new site during the summer of 2013 and has an enrollment of 275 students.