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Banner provides innovative & effective educational programs for at-risk students, as well as educational and administrative services to charter schools...
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Therapeutic Day Schools

Banner’s Therapeutic Day Schools

programs_AltEdBanner operates therapeutic schools for students with emotional, behavioral and learning disorders, as well as other disabilities. Banner’s therapeutic program is designed specifically for students who are generally considered the most challenging to educate. Banner welcomes these students and takes great pride in educating them. Banner’s innovative special educational program instills confidence and builds the competence of each of its students.

Banner works closely with the school district to insure that each student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) is fully satisfied. Banner employs an IEP compliance officer. The IEP compliance officer’s primary function is to monitor IEPs and see that each and every requirement is met. The IEP compliance officer maintains close contact with the district’s special education staff.

Banner recommends changes to a student’s IEP if Banner’s staff believes it is in the student’s best interest and if it will provide a stronger foundation for success. Banner’s therapeutic school staff typically includes a principal, an assistant principal, special education teachers, assistant teachers, specialized teachers (e.g. computers, art, music), social workers, a behavior specialist, a reintegration coordinator, a secretary, and the IEP compliance officer. Banner’s staff is certified as required by school district and state regulations. Banner also contracts with speech therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists and nurses to provide services necessary to meet each student’s IEP. Banner’s typical staff to student ratio is less than 1 to 4.

Banner currently operates The Banner School, a therapeutic school on the south side of Chicago. The Banner School, which is under contract with Chicago Public Schools, has educated many of Chicago’s most at-risk students and helped place them on paths to success.